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I’ve had many different healing sessions over the years but working with Jess really blew me away. I felt incredibly supported during our session as she lovingly guided me through an incredible journey that cleared away stagnant energy, gave me deep insights into myself and my past, and allowed me to access a place of personal power.
— Helen, London

 how it works

You may come to the session with a particular issue in mind that you have a desire to work on, or you may simply wish to enjoy a spring clean and a greater connection with, and understanding of, self.  Whatever is ready for healing will present itself in the time we have together. The soul knows.

The sessions are led intuitively and may involve:


* inhibiting thoughtforms, belief systems & behavioural patterns that are effecting your life’s experiences.

* current, past life & ancestral karma, trauma & unprocessed emotions.

* irrelevant energetic connections, blocks & overlays that can make you feel tired, drained, heavy, removed, unbalanced and anxious.


* to your physical body to find the source of pain & discomfort.

*with your emotions & inner child for greater understanding and clarity of your needs and current situation.

*with soul fragments to facilitate soul retrieval.

*to your softest, truest essence, your higher guidance.

The sessions are interactive and we work systematically, starting with the issue that has the strongest hold and is preventing you from fully knowing and connecting with yourself.  Some of the healing session involves discussion as we work through various approaches, other times it is silent as I ‘hold’ the space for you to release and receive.

The most important thing is to come with an open mind and open heart and see where the session guides us.  We work with Universal Energy and the energy of your soul and highest self to show you all that you need during and after the session.

It is an extremely powerful and personal experience that goes at the pace and depth appropriate for you.

One session with Jess freed me of an old negative behaviour pattern which has blighted all of my adult life. An amazing healing experience.
— Jackie, Brighton

60-70 minutes

£70 in person £60 via skype

The healing can be done face-to-face or remotely via Skype, whatever is most comfortable and convenient for you.   The in-person sessions are held at a venue in Old Street, London, or in central Brighton.

We start the session with a chat to discuss what you are hoping to explore during this time together. This is led entirely by you - you can share as little or as much as you wish.  I follow a strict code of conduct and all information is received in complete confidentiality.

When this feels complete, we move on to the next section of the healing. You can be seated or lying down depending on how you feel. We start with a simple meditation to bring you into a relaxed and grounded state before using a combination of different healing tools to bring you the greatest insight and connection.

I use of combination of ‘hand’s-on’ and ‘hand’s -off’ healing depending on your level of comfort. Permission will be requested prior to the laying of hands for any healing work.

Discount for a series of 3, 5 or 8 sessions is available upon request.