i live to love

my story

I was born and raised in Chichester, Sussex, a beautiful city nestled between the South Downs and the sea.  There is something very special about this part of the world, and although I now live in London, it will always be in my soul.

I first settled in London as an architectural historian where I worked for a firm of conservation architects, consulting on sites in the UK and Nigeria. It was fascinating work for I have always loved sensing and feeling the history of a place, but I can now see that I ached for deeper human connection.

I learned to meditate which took me on an extraordinary voyage into Vedic knowledge lasting many years. During this time, I travelled and learned widely. I took formal training to teach Vedic meditation in India and helped set up a meditation school in the UK where I taught courses, ran retreats and held workshops.

But the ache continued and I realised that despite nearly a decade of meditation and various treatments, there was still the unhealed 'me' that l had hidden, that I feared, that had masked my true and authentic being. 

This realisation marked the start of my next voyage - the joyous journey back to self. Indeed, a lifetime’s work. It started with one of my first experiences of energy healing that awakened a knowing in my soul. And I’ve since worked and trained with a variety of incredible healers and practitioners who not only continue to masterfully support me through my personal healing journey, but have provided training so that I can offer all that I am learning and have experienced, to help navigate you through the most liberating and enriching pilgrimage of self-discovery. 

Jess x

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